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Alright, you decided to click through and at least read this bit before you sign up for my attempt at a newsletter, welcome! It means a great deal that you have somewhat of an interest in my life to let me invade your inbox (I promise I won't start spamming you). In an attempt to reduce my time on social media platforms, I decided to try my hand at sending out a weekly, or possibly bi-weekly newsletter. Hopefully it will be reminiscent of a zine and contain some factoids and blips that bring you some joy. 

What to Expect

This newsletter is a push for me to hold myself accountable to create something weekly. Maybe it'll be filled to the brim with things that look cool and songs I've been listening to but maybe other times it'll just be a few photos or words. I'm not setting any huge expectations for myself, that way I'm not overwhelmed by this huge daunting task, so maybe you'll just get a check-in sometimes.

BUT here are somethings you can expect to see:

  • Playlists/OnRepeat Songs

  • Recipes & Things I've Cooked 

  • Photographs (phone snaps and some film when I get it developed)

  • Diary like entries or check-ins

  • Art/Inspo

  • Movie Reviews (and books if I can ever finish one)

  • Rants and Updates about whatever TV show I'm watching (right now it's Frasier)

And whatever else crosses my lil mind that I wanna share with y'all. 

If you're interested, fill out the form below and you'll be hearin' from me soon!

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